Saturday, February 24, 2007

My First Starbucks

On my recent trip to Florida, I ended up being stuck in a few airports...(approx. 12 hours!) Well, I've never been a 'Starbucks Junkie' although, my kids have been hooked for years (thanks, Mom!)...anyway, there is one thing I love that Starbucks has. So, I broke down and got it. Yummy....

Yep, it's one whipped cream....just for me! Ok, I know it sounds kinda gross, and to be honest, the last bite, was...but, for a low carb girl that doesn't like coffee and can't eat chocolate, this is the best! The funny thing is, Starbucks didn't have any idea of what to charge me so they gave it to me free! ;)

I'm now a Starbucks Junkie! {grin}