Friday, February 2, 2007

My New Stamps!

I now have images for my new stamps...well, most of them...we released 18 regular sets and 12 mini sets. These stamps are designed for the scrapbooker...they are BIG!!! They look great on a 12x12 layout.

The mini photos will come soon, but in the meantime, here are the 18 regular sets:

#50411 Circle It

The largest circle is about 3.5 inches! They are designed to stamp within each other. :)

#50412 Hip to be Square
The squares are approx. 2.25 in size! The rows of flowers, hearts and dashes are designed to go around the squares to make them even bigger.

#50417 Cupcake Alphabet

The letters are approx. 1.25 inches tall. Yummy!

#50403 Favorite Features

I love this set...the largest stamp is the Darling Dimples...5 inches long!

#50405 Large Words

BIG Words! The biggest here is the Friends...5 inches long and 2 inches tall!

#50407 Forever Love

The largest heart is approx. 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall! This set is fun!

#50408 Journal Away

This set makes journaling easy and FUN! The swirl is 3x4 inches!

#50401 Always in Season
Seasons are always fun! These stamp inside each one...

they are about 2.5 inches each!

#50406 Fun & Funky

Fun and Funky Flowers! Layer them! The larges flower is 3 inches!

#50415 Fresh Uppercase

You can never have too many alphabets! And for this price (under $10 retail!) collect them all! These are a little over an inch tall.

#50416 Fresh Lowercase

If you have uppercase, you might as well add lowercase! And numbers!

#50404 Picture This

PHOTO CORNERS! Large ones! The biggest ones are 4 inches! Woo Hoo!

#50402 Build A Flower
Make your own flowers, in any color you want!

#50410 Wonderful Christmas

Christmas stamps! Don't forget to decorate the tree!

#50414 Flow Alphabet

More yummy abc's! These are approx. 1.25 inches tall.

#50418 Fluid Alphabet

These are approx. 1 inch tall.

#50409 Let it Snow

Well, we don't have snow where I live (So. CA) but most people have it! :)

#50413 Round About Phrases

These are designed to stamp inside each other! The large love is almost 4 inches! I love this one. You can never have too many circles!

If you would like more information on these sets, feel free to visit the website, .