Thursday, May 24, 2007

As of this month....

It's official! I have been scrapbooking for ten years! Time sure does fly. Back then, backgrounds were only white and if we wanted a colored background, we had to piece 8.5x11 pieces of cardstock together to make it the right size! At the time I was using CM albums and they were about 11.75x11.75 inches.

Here's my scrapbooking timeline...

1997 Started scrapbooking (I even used....{gasp!} Crayola Markers in my album!) Here's my first ever {don't was TEN years ago!} layout...
I was so proud of this layout. I did 'fun' lettering, I used special scissors and I even cut one photo into the shape of a ghost! Woo Hoo. {grin!} You have to love the Ellison Die Cut shapes! Go Ellison! :)

1998 My first layout was published. It was a great turkey page and Memory Makers Magazine picked it up {and I can't find it to photograph it for hoo} . Then, this layout was picked up by Creating Keepsakes....

Here, you can see that I had just invested in a circle cutter. Can you have too many circles? Well, this page doesn't, but, let me tell you, yes, there is such thing as too many circles....

Here's an example of too many circles.... ;) Gosh, my kids used to be so cute!

In 1999, I started teaching scrapbooking classes at a local craft store. PaperKuts Magazine wrote an article about my classes and this PB&J layout was the beginning of my relationship with PaperKuts. Starting in 1999, I was in every issue of the magazine until almost the very end. I ended up as a co-author on two of their idea books and I was on their beginning scrapbooking dvd with the editor, Angie Randall. Later, I became a Contributing Editor for PaperKuts.

I'm having so much fun! QVC, Scrapbook LifeStyle, my own stamp!

The scrapbooking industry has been so incredible to me. Looking back over the years, I realize that I am so incredibly blessed! I have been able to turn my hobby into my job and along the way have met some wonderful people.

So, ten years down, so many more to go.

I have so many exciting things to share about the future...but, 'they' are making me stay quiet. {boo hoo!}

Soon, I'll be able to share so much with you. You'll be amazed at what we have in store....{wink!}

Thursday, May 10, 2007


It was wonderful! Everyone was so incredibly nice and helpful. I had a great time. You would think after taking the red-eye to get there, I would of been tired, but I was so excited, I felt fine!

Here are some photos.....

This is when Ken and I first got there...we must of looked like total goobers taking this picture with my self timer!

Getting the set ready...notice the 'regular' make-up and hair!

The host, David is very tall....(and I'm short!) Notice the TV make-up and hair! {QVC has a salon that does hair and!}

We sold out of the Around the Block Paper Tagger in less than 5 and a half minutes! What a rush! I'm already scheduled to go back in August. Woo Hoo!

Thank you all for your wonderful calls and emails! They have meant the world to me!

Big hugs!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Just a Reminder....

Quick reminder....I'll be on QVC this Saturday sometime between 5-6pm EST.
(Mom, that means 2-3 your time!) ;)

Poor Ken is going with me...we are taking the red eye Friday night...we land at 6am and then it's off to the hotel for hopefully a few hours sleep.

{For someone that HATES taking the red eye, I sure have taken a lot this year! Three so far, and it's only MAY!}

Big hugs!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's Done!

My Studio is now complete! Of course there are a few more items I want to purchase, but, overall, it's done! :)

Wanna come over and scrap?!? ;)

Everything is nice and neat, and put away! My new *best* friend, Pattye designed the room. She even organized all 32 sqaures! If you need a wonderful interior decorator, call Pattye! She rocks! (You probably recognize her from our show, Scrapbook LifeStyle.)

My printers are hidden in the closet (they aren't pretty!). My paper is still the same....

And my favorite piece of furniture, my knob cabinet is now in the upstairs hallway. :) I just didn't have room in the studio for it. Of course it's still full of scrappin' supplies! Luckily, it's only a few feet away.

So, now that it is done, I guess I need to start creating again. Fun, fun!