Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm home!

Chicago was wonderful! I couldn't of asked for a more fabulous trip. Our booth was busy the entire show and everyone was excited with our products.

What a relief! We worked so hard for so many months, it was so incredible to hear the 'oohhhs' and 'ahhhs' to our products.

Here's a small sampling of our booth:

Here's a photo of some of the team:

To see more photos of our CHA Summer adventure, visit our company blog. There you will find an entire photo album of photos from the trip.

On a more personal note.....

A funny thing happened to me on the way home from CHA. I was on the airport shuttle going to the airport....the driver asked everyone on board what airline we were on. The majority were on one airline and then myself and another lady were on another (the same one).

I turned around, smiled, and asked her what state she was flying home to.

She replied California. Hmmm! Me, too!

What airport? John Wayne...

Whoa! Me, too! (At this point, I probably sound like I'm full of it considering we are in Chicago and what are the chances that two people would be flying to the same {little} airport!?!)

I then asked what city she lived in...she hesitated a brief moment...(remember I sound like a wacko by now!) and then she replied "Laguna Niguel".

No Way! I mean NO WAY! I live in Laguna Niguel!!!! {At this point this poor woman is probably wondering if the windows on the shuttle bus open so she can escape from crazy me.....Laguna Niguel is such a small little city!}

At this point, we introduced ourselves and we both recognized each other's names. {What a relief....I was no longer a stalker!}

To make a long story a little short...we had enough time to eat dinner together, visit, share and find out we have SO much in common! We live about two blocks from each other! WHOA! ;) We both work in the scrapbooking industry we both have daughters, oh, it goes on and on. We both even got teary eyed at dinner when the waiter showed us a picture of his two day old daughter....

Some might consider my new friend and I meeting a coincidence, but those of you that really know me, know that I feel it was so much more. What a blessing it was for me to meet someone so far away from home. By the end of dinner we both felt we had known each other forever.

What a delight! C.W. You Rock! ;)

Off to work on projects for the next CHA!