Friday, August 31, 2007

It's been ten days!?!

Wow, it's been ten days since I posted...

Let's see...what's new...The girls start school on Tuesday. Those of you that know me, know that the first day of school is the worst day of the year for me. :(

Most moms are thrilled when the kids go back to school...not me. I cry. A lot. It's just another reminder they are getting older. :(

Anyway, in two days, Kirstin will have an anninversary. An icky one. It will be SIX MONTHS since her headache started. She has had it EVERY single day since March 2, 2007. We've seen 16 doctors, had numerous procedures, tried over ten medications...blah, blah, blah.

Moving on....we tried a new procedure today. Are you ready? It sounds crazy, but heck, I'll try standing on my head if it will work....

Botox. Yep, the stuff we use for wrinkles has been known to help with headaches. They have been testing it for years on headaches. So, we tried it. We won't know one way or another for a few weeks, since it takes some time to work. Bad news is insurance does not pay for it. She had 27 injections! Let's just say, what I paid for the visit was only a few dollars less than my house payment. WOW.

But, if it just can't put a price on being pain free. Of course we had a Neurologist inject her. He's been working with Botox for about 15 years...he knows what he is doing. :)

So, we are praying...and praying......

Katie is, well, Katie. :) She found out who her 5th grade teacher is going to be. She's not happy. In fact, she cried. Poor thing. I'm fine with the teacher...Katie just wanted the cute young teacher. I'm sure she will fall in love with this teacher the first week of school. :)

Work has been busy! Good busy. I love it. I'm having the time of my life designing products. :)

Well, it's dinner time....I think we will go hit In-n-Out. It's too hot to cook!

Big hugs,

Monday, August 13, 2007

QVC, Luggage and Thanks!

Well, I'm in PA right now, getting ready to on the air at QVC. I'm going on at noon and 5pm EST.

Inside info: If I'm wearing a pink top, you will know that the airline not only lost my luggage, but didn't get it to me in time. :(

If I'm wearing a yellow top, everything is right in the world and I have my luggage, and makeup, and clothes, and my beloved pillow. ;)

Now, with all the flying I've been doing, I KNOW not to check luggage....I carry it all on. BUT today, there was no room on the plane and they made me check it at the door. :( Bye, bye, luggage. :(

Thanks so much for the wonderful emails on my birthday!


Friday, August 10, 2007

It's my Birthday!

August 11th is a very special day!

It's my Birthday! ;) Now, of course I'm expecting gifts from my wonderful family...{and hubby, if it's not that white puppy...look out!} ;)

But, I was thinking, wouldn't it be F-U-N to have a party and GIVE away gifts for my birthday!?! So, that's what I'm going to do!

Any new members that sign up on our site will receive a FREE stamp! :) Consider it a birthday gift from me to you!

Now, I can't give away free stamps, this offer is only good from now until about midnight on the 11th. So HURRY! Feel free to tell your friends, too! Invite everyone you know to the party! ;)

Here's a link to our site: Inque Boutique Click on "Sign up" Now, here's the most important step....make sure you list your reason for signing up "Because it's Stephanie's Birthday". That way we will know you read it on our blog, and you want to be invited to the party! ;)

Big Hugs!

(This offer is for our friends in the US or Canada...sorry to our International friends)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Summer's in Full Swing!

I love summer! Lazy pool days, beach days, hitting the water park....too bad I've only been to the pool once, the beach once and not one water park yet! :(

But that's ok! Things are heating up with Inque and that's more exciting to me than laying by the pool. :)

My kids are keeping extra busy....they went camping at the beach with their grandparents. Here's a photo I snapped on the last day....

They also went to Palm Desert with Grandma and Papa....

And this week, they are busy with Vacation Bible School! Luckily it's only in the morning, so we have the afternoons together.

Next week I'll be on QVC. And then teaching for Epson in San Diego. The kids are off to tour Hearst Castle with, of course, Grandma and Papa!

Oh, and tune in on Saturday, August 11th!!! {It's a VERY special day!}

Big hugs,