Monday, March 31, 2008

Short, but Sweet!

Ok, I'll admit, we are having fun with the videos. (Ken (hubby) is having fun with the editing....)

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I thought it would be fun to have a contest.... List your favorite pet name in the comments section and I'll choose one randomly for a prize. :)



Friday, March 28, 2008

Just another day....

I also wanted to share a photo of a new friend. Blanca visited with me at CHA and is from Guadalajara, Mexico. :) We had a great time visiting with each other and she even helped her local scrapbook store owner place an order! Hi Blanca! ;)

Tomorrow both girls have cheer competitions. Kirstin is competing at Knott's Berry Farm (can you say FUN!?!) and Katie is competing at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The hardest part for me this season has been not seeing both girls compete. When their competitions overlap in different places, I have to miss one, and I'm just not used to not being there for one of them. :(

Well, I better sign off....we have to get up early!

Big hugs!


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Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a great Easter. ;) We slept in, went to the 11:30am church service, came home, had family over and ATE. Oh, we then ATE some more... ;) Hubby made a turkey with all the trimmings. Normally, Easter means ham at our house, but we all prefer turkey so much more, so hubby agreed to do a turkey. ;)

This Easter was a little different than Easters in the past. Since the girls are getting older, we didn't have the early morning rush to the Easter Baskets. Although, I missed the Easter morning activity, I LOVED being able to get up at 9:30. ;)

A funny thing happened yesterday, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. The last few days, my hubby has been into taking pictures. I mean really, into it. He's taken possession of one of my older cameras and made us pose! And pose some more! Once, he was even worried about the lamp in the photo! He was playing with lights....oh my. One "wanna-be photographer" in the house is enough...what on earth am I going to do with the two of us taking pictures?!? ;)

Although, if I look at the silver lining, at least maybe I'll get to be in a few pictures now! {wink!}

Here's another video for you....I hope you enjoy this fun technique.



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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm thrilled so many of you are enjoying the videos. ;) I appreciate your emails! It's fun to be able to show a project to so many people.

I had the best time at CKU Chicago last week. I was there teaching for Inque on the Inspiration Station day. Every student received an exclusive CKU stamp set from Inque Boutique. We used some of the stamps in our class. It was a busy day, but it was a BLAST!

I'm already looking forward to CKU Houston. I'll be teaching a class at Novel Approach as well as doing a demo at By Design Scrapbook Boutique. I'll post more info as I get it.

So, since the videos are doing so well, I thought I'd post another one. Check back often (or better yet, sign up at the right to get email notices when I post) to see more and more videos. Ken (hubby) is getting pretty good at editing, so that means more videos. ;)


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Monday, March 17, 2008

Mini Calendar using Inque Boutique Stamps

I'm having fun posting videos, so I thought I'd post another one! ;)

Here's one I did a few months ago, but never posted on my blog.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Home from San Jose!

My little one, Katie, and I went to San Jose for the weekend. (It's a one hour flight). She competed in a cheer competition and earned First Place! Woo Hoo! We were thrilled.

It was so wonderful to get away, just the two of us for a few days. It's amazing what you can learn from a ten year old. ;) We were really able to re-connect and spend some quality one-on-one time together.

So, we got home really late last night and I told her she would be tired when she woke up, but boy was I surprised. She woke up with a fever. Poor thing. I guess our weekend was a little too big for my little one. :(

On to fun stuff.....

I'm off to CKU Chicago next week! I can't wait to share the Inque Boutique project with the entire student body in one day! Whew! That will be a kick! ;)

In the meantime, here's another fun video I debuted last week on the IB blog....

Big hugs,