Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm home, CKU was a blast!

Ah, home sweet home. Yes, it's a mess, but it's our mess. ;)

CKU was once again WONDERFUL! I love meeting scrapbookers and stampers from around the United States and the world...the UK and Brazil were represented...and probably a few more countries! Of course, I had my camera; however, sadly it didn't have a memory card in it! (I'm such a goober....the memory card was at home in my printer....) So, if you went to CKU and have some pictures you would like to share...I'd love you to email me some! :)

One of my rules about traveling for work is that I MUST be home for my girls' birthdays. I missed my 10th anniversary (my hubby is a big boy), but the kids come before work....

Katie's birthday was Friday, and I finished teaching in Houston on Thursday at 4pm. No problem! Well, my first flight was delayed, so I would miss my connecting flight....big problem. Our airport closes at night (before 11pm), so I was in trouble. Luckily, a wonderful man at USAir took pity on me and booked me a non-stop Houston to
Orange County on a different airline! I made it home! (trust me, I was praying like crazy!)

So, I wake up to LOTS of noise in the kitchen....Katie is in her room getting dressed, so I go downstairs and it is my teenager making an egg and cheese and bacon omelette with toast for her sister. Along with three candles! I couldn't believe my teenager was being so thoughtful! {if you have a teen, you know what I'm talking about!} ;)

Here's a picture of our morning...yes, they look's about 7am....

We are off to see Wicked in Los Angeles today. Ken and I saw it last month and it is fantastic! If you ever get the chance, you must see it.
Big Hugs,