Thursday, September 17, 2009

A New Segment...{Life with Stephanie}

Did you see the previous video?!? A Card in 30 Seconds.... if you did not see the video....YOU HAVE TO! It's my all time favorite video! (And no, I haven't sent the card to Aunt Gail yet...I will soon!)

To watch the 'famous' or is it infamous?!? :) Video, click here!

Now, on to a different kind of video segment...well, kind of. As I've been mentioning, I want to get to know my stamping friends better, and I want you to know me better. So, we've created a new type of video segment....{Life with Stephanie}. Now, these segments are only for the die-hard friends. They'll offer you a peek into my life that not many get to see. (Including close friends!)

After this first {Life with Stephanie} episode, I'll be sharing a Behind the Scenes video of what my studio/office/stamp room REALLY looks like....hahahaha! You are in for a real treat! {grin}

Ok, here's the first episode of {Life with Stephanie}

If you are receiving this via email, you can see the {Life with Stephanie} video by clicking here.

The {Stamps} of Life