Monday, October 5, 2009

Contest Winners!

Did you know we have contests at The {Stamps} of Life?!? Well, of course we do! That's half the fun! ;)

Our first winner is Lori. She received the {green} colored signature Back2Basics Stamp Set.

Woo Hoo, Lori! She wins a free stamp set! :) Hugs to you, Lori!

Our second and third winners are randomly chosen each month from our gallery. One winner from the clear stamp gallery, and one from the digital gallery. The clear stamp winner is:

Beth Buss! Isn't this card adorable?!? Beth wins a FREE clear stamp set! Go, Beth!!!!

Our Digital winner of the month is Darla Reger!!! Darla wins a FREE Digital Stamp Set! Go, Darla, Go Darla!!! :)

So, my question to YOU is, have YOU uploaded to our gallery?!? If not, WHY?!? You could win next month! So get busy uploading! {grin} {Just a note...the September contests are closed, so to qualify for the next gallery contest, you need to use and upload to the October Gallery}

Also, the October Stamp sets are now YOU have the only signed set?!? If yes, send me a photo of you holding your winning set, and YOU will receive a free set! Fun, fun, FUN!!!

Oh, and just a sneak peek to the future....another fun announcement is coming soon...... ;)