Thursday, August 26, 2010

Organization 101

Ha, ha...organization and Stephanie in the same sentence is pretty funny. :)

I have to be really honest here. I'm a slob. I really am. Looking at my desk, I have a paper towel from yesterday's lunch, a newspaper article that's two weeks old and so much more junk. :)

But, when it comes to my stamps, I want to know where everything is. When I need a stamp, I want it NOW. ;)

Here's a video on how to organize your stamps...Club Members, you know all about this! ;)

Can't see the video? Click Here!

Summer is winding down and as much as I protest, it's back to school soon for us. I am SO NOT a morning person! I struggle more than the kids!

I wanted to show you this adorable card by Rosemary D.

I love how she used the summer4fun stamp set! And the sand looks REAL! Flower Soft is a wonderful product! ;) I love how she turned the wave stamp upside down to make more sand. And the sandals look so cute, I want to slip my feet into them and walk in the sand. ;)

Rosemary, if you have a blog, contact me so I can get you a special Blog Badge letting the world know you were showcased here! :)

Also, there will be a stamp sneak peek on the fan page of Facebook later today....{smile} Become a Fan by clicking here so you don't miss it!

The {Stamps} of Life