Monday, September 13, 2010


I'll be honest....

When I released the spooky2scare stamp set, in the video, I made mentioned how great it coordinates with the Thanks2Fall stamp set. I even showed a few samples of how well they go together.

Well, let me tell you....that led to us selling OUT of the Thanks2Fall stamp sets! ;) Luckily, our stamps are Made in the USA, so we were able to get them back in stock ASAP. Thanks to overnight delivery and UPS. ;)

Now that we have the stamps back in stock, it's time to release a video we recently taped. It's a video we plan to use on the website to show the stamp set in action. Eventually, we will be taping new videos for each stamp set, so stay tuned for more. :)

{Can't see the video above this line? Click Here to check it out!}

Here's a great card from our gallery on this set....It's by Chris in IN...

Chris, thanks for sharing your card with us! If you have a blog, email me for a blog badge! :)

Just a few more days until we hop on a plane to TX! Our flight leaves at 6:15AM...hahaha...THAT will be an adventure. I am NOT a morning person and I even told Ken I might not sleep that night and pull an all nighter...Yeah, well, we'll see. ;)

Big hugs!