Friday, December 10, 2010

Lot's of Stuff...

Hello, My Friends!

Here's a video showcasing the wonderful flowers2share  Gallery.  :)


I thought I'd share this photo Ken made me take....{after a long night of shipping orders...}  :)

I think it's safe to say we have too much fun around here!  ;) 

Also, I was 'tagged' by my friend Mary.  Now, normally, I don't do chain letters/forwards or 'tags', but Mary is a very special person.....she's been a Club Member since not only Day 1, but actually Day -1....she signed up for the Club the day before I announced it!    Her goal was to be sign up #1 and yes, she was!  So, for Club Member #1, Mary...this is for you!

Eight things about myself....{that you probably didn't know!}

1.  I married my first boyfriend.  20 years later, we are still married.  :)

2.  My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.  I eat there 1-2 times a week.  ;)  

3.  My favorite soda?  Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.  No ice.

4.  It's Dec. 10th, and I haven't started Christmas shopping.  Or my cards.  :P

5.  I was in band in high school.  Played the clarinet.  Or, tried to play the clarinet.  I only joined so I could go to Hawaii.  Marched in a parade down the main street .  And down Main Street at Disneyland.

6.  My favorite die cut company is Sizzix.  ;)

7.  My middle name is Gail.  After my Aunt Gail.  :)

8.  I'm addicted to white Tic Tacs.  I usually eat a big box a day.  ;)

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