Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Announcement!!!!

Big news!  Watch the video to get the scoop!  ;)

Can't see the video? Click Here!

Surprise!!!!  So, what do you think?!?  I have to be honest, I am SO excited to share this {finally} with you!  

This week, I'll be traveling to Los Angeles for four days {Ha!  It's only about an hour away!}.  It's time for the CHA Winter show.  (This show is for store owners to purchase items for their stores).   I'll be in the Sizzix booth, showing off the latest and greatest products.  :) 

This also means I'll be traveling quite a bit for Sizzix.  So far on the schedule?  Toronto and Edmonton, Canada, Massachusetts, South Africa and Australia!  (So far...more to come!) So, now you know why I'm 'only' traveling to eight events this year for The Stamps of Life.  ;)  I wish I could clone myself!  ;)

What does this mean for The Stamps of Life?

Don't worry!  Nothing will change at The Stamps of Life!   Well, at least you won't notice any changes.  Behind the scenes, there have been some changes (I don't ship orders, process orders, etc.)  But, I still design the stamps, write for the blog, do the videos, etc.  It's all good!!!  :)

If you want to check out a few things I've done for Sizzix so far, you can check out the blog (yep, I'm in charge of the Sizzix blog) and check out the over 40 videos we taped for the incredible eclips machine!

{I'll be honest, I'm madly in love with the eclips machine.  I've helped in product development on the machine since October 2009.  It's an amazing machine!}

Ok, so, that's my big announcement.  Surprise!  ;)

Hey, leave me a comment for a chance to WIN.  One person will be randomly chosen to win a stamp set of choice, and one person will win a Sizzix die of choice!!!  ;)

The Stamps of Life