Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Stamps of Life Travel Schedule!

Hello, My Friends!

Feb. 1st is almost here!  It's almost time for a new stamp set!

In the meantime...how about we share our travel schedule for 2012?!?  :)  You'll find us all across the United States this year and we are looking forward to meeting you! Hope you can make it to one of these events!

Can't see the video? Click Here!

Feb. 24-26 SB Expo, Anaheim, CA
  March 16-17 SB Expo, Pleasanton, CA
  April 27-28 CKC, Manchester, NH
  May 31-June 2 GASC, Arlington, TX
  June 8-9 CKC, St. Louis, MO
  July 27-28 CKC, Lancaster, PA
  August 10-11 CKC, Charlotte, NC
  Sept 21-22 CKC, San Marcos, TX
  October 5-6 CKC, Kansas City, MO
  October 12-13 SB Expo, Ontario, CA
  November 9-10 CKC, Bellevue, WA        

The Stamps of Life