Monday, October 22, 2012

New Sizzix Products!

Hello,  My Friends!

Wowsers!  What a weekend!  It rained a little bit here in Southern California...of course, one of the few times I had planned on working on our front yard!  :P  I still asked Ken to go out and plant some flowers when it cleared up.  :)

In the afternoon, Ken took me to Ikea, which is a HUGE deal, because Ken cannot stand Ikea.  I mean he REALLY can't stand even driving by!  There are many things he doesn't like about the store....the way they 'lock' you in and you can't get out unless you go through the whole store (unless you are lucky to 'find' a shortcut that they hide!), or how you have to find your products in their HUGE warehouse, or how when they have to get the items, you have to wait forever....and then to top it all have to put your purchases together when you get home.  ;)

After the Ikea trip, we went to dinner with my parents.  :)

Then, on Sunday after church, we went to dinner with some good friends.  It's always wonderful to spend time with family and friends on our days off.  :)

And, now, it's Monday.  Time to ship some orders!  Since we released quite a few products on Saturday, there are quite a few orders to send out!  :)

Did you see this new {Specially Priced} Sizzix Framelits with Stamps set?!?

Isn't this little guy adorable?!?!  (Just a note:  This penguin is a different size than TSOL penguin).

To see more of the {SPECIAL PRICE} Sizzix products, visit our website HERE.

Happy Stamping! (and die cutting!)