Monday, March 9, 2015

NEW Sizzix Inksheets!

Hello, My Friends!

Turn your wafer thin dies into stamps with Sizzix Inksheets!

Now you can add a whole new dimension to your creativity by creating perfect, smudge-free dry ink impressions. Inksheets can be used with cardstock, craft foil, leather, magnet sheet, plastic, suede, shrink plastic, sponge and wood paper to easily simulate the popular metallic foil and chalkboard looks.
NOTE - When transferring Inksheets with dies, a specially designed Transfer Pad (see below) is used in place of a Standard Cutting Pad.

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Sizzix Inksheets Assorted (5 sheets)
This set includes five Transfer Film Sheets (1 Black, 1 White, 2 Gold and 1 Silver).
 Each Transfer Film Sheet measures 4" x 6". Click HERE to order.
Sizzix Inksheets Assorted 5 Sheets - Click Image to Close 
Also available in single color packs:
Black - 5 Sheets (Click HERE)
White - 5 Sheets (Click HERE)
Silver - 5 Sheets (Click HERE)
Gold - 5 Sheets (Click HERE)

Sizzix Inksheets Transfer Pad
This is used in place of a Standard Cutting Pad for InkSheets.
Sizzix Inksheets Transfer Pad - Click Image to Close

Happy Stamping!