Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Stamp Pad Labeling Idea

Hello My Friends,

As we head in to the New Year I always like to do a bit of purging and organizing in my craft room. This past year I moved my ink pads into a small cabinet on my desk and I needed to be able to see the colors from the side.

Here's my solution, and I love it!

First I grabbed some small avery labels, these came 80 to a sheet which was great because I sacrificed one label around the color I was trying to make. Still I was able to make a label for all 24 colors of the TSOL color palette with one sheet. I didn't make a white Label, since the Powdered Sugar lid is clear.

I opened the lid to each ink pad and swiped it across the labels. Some colors only needed one swipe, others (the lighter ones) took a couple swipes.

So you don't have any labels on hand? No problem a sheet of copy paper and a sheet of Sizzix Adhesive will work great. Just swipe the ink, apply the adhesive and trim a rectangle with scissors.

Apply the labels to the edge of your ink pads with the perfect swatch of exactly what the ink looks like!

We would love to hear your ideas on how you store and work with your ink pads. Please leave us a comment with any helpful or clever ideas you may have.

Happy Stamping!