Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Perfect Day

Hello My Friends! The other night as I laid my head on my pillow before I went to sleep, I started to think about my day. I started to pray to God and give Him thanks for everything and everyone in my life.

As I was praying and going through the day in my mind, I realized I had just lived my perfect day.

Now, you might think the perfect day in my life would be stamping all day or designing stamps or scrapbooking memories of my family. But you couldn't be more wrong.....

The day started like any other day, I woke up had bacon and Diet Coke for breakfast (of course!)  As the day progressed, my brother and two nephews Ben & Carter came to visit. My parents arrived next, and we went to the beach. 

We sat in the sand and played in the ocean (even though it was freezing cold!) The boys loved the little waves and Ken and I had such fun giggling and laughing at their antics. 

Later in the day my daughter Kirstin and her boyfriend Collin brought us lunch. We sat on the sand drinking Diet Coke and eating great sandwiches. Ken then took Ben for a walk to the pier, and I took Carter to the house to find a bigger beach pail, (because his was not large enough.)
Later on, my brother took Carter to the house and they took a nap. My dad and I then decided we were going to start looking for treasures (shells!)

As my Mom sat in a chair (almost in the surf!) My Dad and I scoured the seashore looking for sand dollars and beautiful shells. When I found a sand dollar, I ran to show my Mom, and then exclaimed very loudly, "I have to go show Dad!"   (This part brings tears to my eyes, because my Mom said it was like I was a little girl again.)

That day looking for shells my dad was one day I will never ever forget.

As the day wore on, we got a little bit too much sun and a little bit too much sand, so we went back to the house and my sister-in-law Maricela came over and we played games and relaxed on the patio. When the boys and my brother and sister-in-law left, we headed over to dinner at Kirstin's favorite spaghetti place. 
Katie and her new boyfriend met us there and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. Of course my Dad could not let the new boyfriend get away easy, so he told everyone it was his birthday and they came and sang happy birthday to him (to his embarrassment.)
After dinner the eight of us went back to the house and we sat and visited....three generations, laughing, teasing and talking. 

Now you can see, why the day was so perfect. 
I spent it with the people that mean the most to me. 

It was a reminder from the Lord, that nothing on earth is more important than our family. 
My goal this year, is to make sure I have more of these perfect days. Spending time with family, is the most precious gift of all.

Happy Stamping!