Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our Favorite Fruits

Hello Friends,

This past weekend we celebrated all our favorite TSOL summer fruit sets and some amazingly sweet cards our design team created using them. Here's a recap from our Instagram account! You do follow us, right? If not go do that right now, right HERE

Watermelon2stamp looking so sweet! 

 Don’t forget about about cherries2stamp! No summer is complete with out a few of these! We have cherries2stamp, patterns, sayings, a bowl and dies! 

Warm days call for a big glass of lemonade2stamp!

It’s the season for strawberries and we have strawberries2stamp, morestrawberries2stamp, strawberry dies, strawberry ink and cardstock and felt!

Sweet Statement is the best companion set for all your sweet summer fruit stamp sets!

Hope you enjoyed this little recap! Have a great week!
Happy Stamping!