Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The First Day of School

Today is the first day of school! Last night was a nightmare...Katie went to bed at 8:30, read until 8:45 and then she couldn't fall asleep...9:00...9:30...10:00...10:30...finally at 10:30, I halved a Tylenol PM and made her chew it with water. She finally fell asleep, (in my bed!) at 11:10. She tossed and turned all night!

Kirstin ended up with a Tylenol PM at 10:30 as well. I guess the anxiety of today was just eating at both of them!

I woke Katie up at 6:40...poor kid was so tired. (Hopefully she will sleep well tonight.)

We straightened their hair last night with the straight iron. Katie's turned out so cute! Kirstin's did too, but she insisted on wearing some of it in a barrette.

Kirstin is all into the 'name brand' clothes, so she is wearing A&F jeans, Vans shoes and then the (oh so lovely...not!) Pop Tarts shirt. (I begged her not to wear it...oh well!)

Katie is wearing her new Vans shoes, an A&F top, lace leggings (Limited Too) and a cute denim skirt.

Fashion on the first day is oh, so important! ;)

I love this photo of Katie. She looks like she is glowing! I wish her hair always looked like this! (We have tried straighting it chemically twice...and no luck!)

My girls are growing up! I need to Photoshop this photo a little, (get rid of the lock in the background and the light switch) but I wanted to post it. I can't believe how tall KJ is getting. She is going to pass me up soon! Katie is still my little midgy. ;)

Kirstin is all into the 'skinny' jeans...I'm not...yet.