Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Care Bear Fever

Katie has been in love with Care Bears for almost two full years. It all started when Grandpa Ron won two at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas in 2004. Katie was so thrilled, the next day, the two of them went back to win the other two bears (colors) they didn't get the day before. So, really, this obsession is all Grandpa's fault! {grin}.

In 2005, we were at the LA County Fair and Ken and Grandpa won Katie two "Fair Care Bears". Katie knows they aren't 'real' Care Bears, but that's just not that important to a nine year old! :) Of course, these two bears are HUGE. Here's a photo of Katie with one of them.

And then, this year, Grandpa took her back to the fair and won the other two HUGE bears she didn't have. Grandpa, I'm starting to see a pattern here! :)

Well, two years later, she has well over 60 (I've stopped asking how many she has!). Large, small, big and tall...she has them all! :) She was packing for a sleepover and this is what she brought downstairs. Her pillowcase full of Care Bears! She was only going for one night! (Yes, there is one bear in the mix that isn't a Care Bear....it's a bear I gave her years ago back when CHA was HIA and was in Anaheim....I made the t-shirt at the trade show and they handed out the bears free. Blueberry is a loved teddy).

So, what does Katie say to me when I look at her in disbelief?

"I had to let the Care Bears I
was bringing....invite a friend."

It's just that simple. She was going to bring just a few, but they needed to invite a friend. What a kid. ;)