Saturday, June 30, 2007

Quick Trip

I made a QUICK trip to Utah...I left Thursday and came home on Friday. It took 10 hours to get there and then 10 hours to get home! (No direct flights!)

So, I was there for about 25 hours...crazy! I went to meet....{whoops! It's a secret...} for lunch on Friday. All the travel was well worth it...but today I feel a little loopy... :)

I can tell you about my dinner on Thursday night. I got to go out with a dear friend that lives in Utah. Jen and I have known eachother for wow....what is it Jen? At least eight years, right? Anyway, she met me at my hotel and we went to dinner at the best restaurant in the whole wide world....Olive Garden. Yum!

Anyway, it was great to catch up, share stories and more. Jen even brought some projects she created using some of my stamps. I was amazed at what she did with them. [I love seeing what others create with my designs!]

Here's a picture of us....[thanks to a self-timer!]

While I was in Utah, I needed a rental car to get where I had to be....of course I reserved the cheapest one {The boss will be so proud!} and instead, they upgraded me f-r-e-e to this little baby....

Now, it might not look that small, but it is next to a normal sized car. Whoa! This baby was FAST! I was driving along and looked down only to see I was already past 80! Whoops. :) My luggage barely fit in the trunk/back. {I don't think it really had a 'trunk'}

I'm happy to be home, but I wish I could share what I was up to. ;) New reveal date will be July 12th. So far, the people that know the news (yes, they had to sign papers promising not to spill the beans!) have been VERY enthusiastic and encouraging. It's so exciting!

Big hugs,