Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life gets so B-U-S-Y!

I just wanted to jump in and say hi! I don't know how it happens, but life just gets so busy. I'm sure you know what I mean...running the kids here and there, school projects (that I end up doing!), work projects, and then the family thinks I have time to make dinner. {grin}

Trust me, I'm not complaining! I love being busy. However, sometimes I wish I could push the 'slow motion' button so I could get other things done...laundry, cleaning, etc. But, hey, family is more important than a clean house. When the kids are grown and gone, THEN I'll clean this house. ;)

Here's a card a created a while back....It uses one of my most used sets, a Thank You set. You can see it here. I still can't believe you can get 17 stamps in that set for around four dollars!

Off to a neighborhood picnic...