Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Almost a New Year!

Wow, what a great response I had to my last post! I loved reading the thoughtful questions that were posted! It was hard to pick just one to answer, so I'll answer a few. ;) If your question is below, please email me your address so I can send you a few stamps. {grin}

Question #1:
ScrapAloha said...
Merry Christmas! What was the most important thing you have learned so far in your business experience?

ScrapAloha, Hmmm...that would have to be..."Get everything in writing" I mean everything. Anytime something is said, even in passing, get it in writing. I could give you tons of examples, but it might hurt some feelings.

One good example though is when I was told a certain company (starts with a 'd') was going to hire me to run the entire company (ib), so they asked me to fly across the country and meet with them. Of course I went...long story short, they changed their minds and I was out the plane fare, hotel costs and airport parking. {OUCH!}

That's just one example. I think I let my heart lead me more than my brain. ;)

Question #2:
Jingle said...
Merry Christmas! If it makes you feel any better I finally got all the cards made and they are still sitting in a neat stack in my scrapbook room! I know...it figures! Hopefully I'll get some handed out tonight, at least. So, here is my question...with being so amazingly busy, being a working mom and such, how do you make time for yourself to craft and then how do you make the most of that time. I'm not a Mom, but I do work full time, commute 10 hours a week, volunteer a ton, and make time to spend with my husband and it can get tricky! Thanks for considering my question!

Jingle, Ok, I'll be honest, I chose this question for two reasons. One, because I have a friend named Jingle. (Yes, it's her real name!) and two, to pay a tribute to my wonderful husband. How do I find time? Honestly, I don't. My house is a mess. Really. Especially my office and bedroom. The downstairs looks decent, but that's only because my hubby vacuums and cleans. (He also cooks when he is home and does the laundry. I am so blessed!)

I also stay up until at least midnight. I like to create at night. Even most of my blog posts are at night. I'm a night owl. And let me tell you, I am NOT a morning person. Hubby gets up at 4:30 am to work out and read the bible, paper, etc. I try to sleep until at least 8 unless I have carpool. ;)

Question #3:
by Shelly said...
Merry Christmas Stephanie! I absolutely love your videos. Each time I watch them I get totally inspired. My question is, If you knew ahead of time what was going to happen to Inque would you still have done it?

Shelly, Thanks for loving my videos. I love making them! This was my favorite question! The answer, Yes. I would of still signed up. ;) I have learned so much in terms of business, dealing with employees, graphic art, sourcing overseas, photography, videography, the list is endless. I might of lost a little, but what I have gained far out weighs the loss.

I met so many incredible people! I worked with some great and talented individuals! I was so happy. I mean, what type of crazy person works at 10pm on Christmas Eve?!? I can answer that. It's someone that deeply loves her job and the people she works with. ;)

At the same time, though, it was wonderful this Christmas to not have any of the work thoughts creep into my family time. Not once did I feel like I needed to check the computer for emails. It was very freeing. ;)

Ok, the random chosen comment is from:
Margaret said...
Good thing you aren't a guy or for sure somebody would want to know... boxers or briefs! My question is, of the four seasons, which one do you like designing for best (rubber stamps or whatever you are up to now) and why?Being a early spring baby I find myself enjoying the design of spring cards with flowers and eggs and bunnies. What about you?

Margaret....Boxers or briefs....anything BUT a thong (those are crazy!) :)

Answer to your real question....Hands down...Spring! I have two girls. Flowers rule my life. ;)

Ok, so, if I answered your question, send me your address (via email). If I didn't answer it, please forgive me and post it again!!! There were so many great questions, I wanted to answer them all...but this post would be too long! {grin} So, please post your question on this post and I'll pick a few next week.

Big hugs, and Happy New Year!