Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well, I have to update the blog for the Sept. 1st release, so here's a sneak peek at the FAQ section. {grin}

I'm so excited! My dreams are starting to come true! :)


I want to become a Club Member…what are the benefits?

Well, the best benefit is that you’ll be cool if you join! {grin} Another great benefit is the price! You SAVE money! You can’t beat that! AND you get your stamps before anyone else that’s not in the club! Club Members get their stamps sent out FIRST! WOO HOO! Oh, and you get a cool little blinkie saying you are a Club Member to put on your blog/website and on message boards.

What is The {Stamps} of Life’s Angel Policy?
Clear Stamps: We allow crafters who individually hand make finished items for resale to use our clear stamp designs as long as the quantity manufactured or sold of any given design is handmade and does not exceed 200 pieces. If possible, please credit ‘The {Stamps} of Life’ somewhere on each creation. We do not allow our designs to be used in any type of mass manufacturing process, whether this be via mechanical, photographic or handmade means. Digital files: are for your personal use only. If you wish to use our digital items in your commercial work, please contact us to purchase a commercial license. When sharing your work on the internet in galleries, message boards, etc., please link to our website, so others can find our great products. :)

How do you ship my stamps to me?
We send them via the US Post Office, First Class. We’ve found this method to be the most economical and pretty fast. It usually takes up to five working days to get your stamps to you, but most times, it’s quicker! And the price! You can’t beat our shipping prices!

I live in CA, why do I have to pay sales tax?!?

Well, it’s the price you pay for living in our great state. Stephanie lives in CA too, and it’s what happens when you live in the same state as the company you order from. AND, our state needs the funds. Bad. But yuck, no more politics talk….too boring!

What type of digital files do you sell?

When you purchase the digital version of our stamps, you receive the jpg, png AND the abr files which are Photoshop brushes. We send you all three, so you can decide how to use them. Just a note about the files, they are sized just like our clear stamps, SO, if you enlarge them too much, they will lose their crispness. Keep this in mind, when you are creating. Digital files are for your personal use only. If you wish to use our digital items in your commercial work, please contact us to purchase a commercial license.

Hey, I thought Stephanie worked for (or owned) Inque Boutique?!?
Stephanie did not own inque. She ran most of the company (others might argue that point, but the previous owner won’t!), but she did not own it. Sadly, the owner decided to retire and the products were sold. As a company, inque no longer exists and the stamps are getting harder and harder to find in stores. If you are looking for a particular set, try eBay.

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