Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Stamp News...Coming Soon!

I've been busy behind the scenes, getting ready for the big debut. ;) Tune in on Sept. 1st!

In other news....
My oldest just started driving....yikes! She's actually a very good driver, but I still make her text me when she gets wherever she is going.....just so I know she is still in one piece! {grin} Will I ever get over being a nervous Mom?!?

Just had a year is a big one. This year was nice and quiet. Ken had the day off and the rule for the day was everyone had to do what I wanted to do. We walked around Laguna Beach, got some yummies and went to a nice dinner. With the kid's activities, just spending time together as a family is a real treat.

We still have three more weeks before school starts, but my youngest is already searching online for the 'perfect' book bag {Mom, backpacks are so NOT cool....} and my oldest is busy with AP Science homework. What is up with homework during the summer?!?

Well, I better get back to stamping....errr, I mean work....{grin!} I can't wait to share with you my secret!!!