Monday, July 19, 2010

July's Episode of a 30 Second Card!

Hi Everyone!

Things are so busy! We just got in the stamps for next month! We are now busy packing and stapling the {FREE!} Limited Edition, Club Members ONLY mini stamp sets to the August sets!

You'd be amazed at how much we do "Behind the Scenes" around here. I thought when we started the company, I'd get to stamp all day long. Haha!!! Now THAT is funny! I think they like to bury me in paperwork! ;)

Anyway, we've officially announced our Travel Schedule for the remainder of 2010. Ken is working on the schedule for next year. As soon as we have confirmations, you will know where we are going in 2011. :) I can't wait to meet you ALL!

~The 2010 Schedule~
Santa Clara, CA ~ August 6 & 7
San Marcos, TX ~ September 17 & 18
Ontario, CA ~ October 22 & 23
Seattle, WA ~ November 12 & 13

I am SO Excited!

Ahhh, yes, it's time for our most popular video segment! A 30 Second Card {in 5 minutes!}

I love how this card turned out!

Can't see the video?!? Click here to check it out!!!

I need to sign off....I have to finish a stamp set before I turn in for the night.

Big hugs!

The Stamps of Life