Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's 11:25pm

and I should probably think about going to sleep soon.  ;)  Haha, yeah, right!  ;)

We have a joke around here (and at Sizzix...) everyone always likes to look at the time stamp from the emails I send them.  Chances are, they are after 8pm.  Sometimes as late as 1am.  ;)  I work best in my home office when everyone is sleeping.  {Although, Ken is always busy packing orders, editing videos or photographing something.}    ;)

So....I'm sitting here thinking I should post some St. Paddy's Day cards, since it's almost the 17th!  If you have the shamrocks4us set, you know how fun it is!

happy St. Paddy's day by Deb Felts
Kiss Me, I'm Irish! by Laura Williams
good luck by Emily Niehaus
Kiss Me, I'm Irish! by Vicki Garrett

Here's a peek at the stamp set...
4x6 sheet Regular price $12.95~  Club Price $10.95

I'm off to Edmonton, Canada for Sizzix on Friday.  I'll be back on Monday.  Yep, another {quick} trip!  ;)

Oh, guess what Cookie learned how to do today?!?  She stood on a box and was pulling papers that just finished printing out of the printer!  So, if you get an invoice with what looks like bite marks in it, they are Cookie bite marks!  Haha!  I'm just kidding about that part, but she did learn to pull the paper out!  ;)

Happy Stamping!

Big hugs,
The Stamps of Life