Monday, April 4, 2011

I have a favor to ask...

Normally, I'd never ask, but it's for someone special.....

My oldest daughter, Kirstin, is turning 18 on April 16th. 

I know, I know....I'm WAY to young to have a daughter this old. 

She was adopted. 

Well, no she wasn't. 

I had her when I was 10. 

Ok, that's not even funny. 

{I really did give birth to her and she really is ours.}  ;)

So, back to my favor....I would love, I mean really love to shower her with birthday cards on her birthday.  :)

If you would be interested in helping me, you can send them to:

The Stamps of Life
Attn:  Kirstin
26895 Aliso Creek Rd.  #B-142
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

You have no idea what this would mean to me.  I'll save them all up and then give them to her on her birthday (which is coming up soon!) 

Feel free to give her some advice...words of wisdom...your favorite Bible Verse.  {PLEASE NO GIFTS!  Handmade cards only, ok?!?}

Thanks so much!