Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Across The World....

Club Members are starting to receive their houses4us stamp sets!  :) 

AND, Club Members are receiving a FREE Limited Edition Mini Stamp Set!   Every few months, we like to say "Thank You" to our valued Club Members by including a little goodie.  ;)

I often get asked if you have to be a Club Member to purchase our stamps.  The answer is no.  Anyone can order our stamps at anytime at regular price.  {Our regular price can't be beat!  4x6 stamp sets are only $12.95}  Shipping is only $1 per set in the USA.  Canada is $1.50 per set.

I ask you, Where can you get HIGH Quality, MADE IN THE USA, clear stamps for only $12.95?!?!?!  {grin}  And Club Members pay only $10.95!  ;)

Here's a great card by Vicki using the new houses4us stamp set....

I love how she used the 'tree tops' for clouds!  :)

Check out our gallery for even more inspiration!  We have over 2600 ideas just waiting for you.  ;)