Saturday, December 14, 2019

New Release, New Website!

Hello My Fiends!

We have a few new Re releases today and a little news about our new website!

I'm so excited to announce that our
BRAND NEW website is now LIVE!
There is a short message from me and a little bit about new club points at the end of this newsletter! Don't miss it!
Dotted Hearts Are Back!!!
Club Price $14.44

Dotted Stars are Back!!!
Club Price $14.44

Dotted Circles are Back!!!
Club Price $14.44

Dotted Rectangles Are Back!!!
Club Price $14.44

Quote2love is Back!!!
The very popular quote2love is back! perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentines Day and more!

New Website Information!
It is Time!  I am happy to announce that the new website is ready for you to visit!  HOWEVER...PLEASE READ THIS FIRST:

Your old bookmark to the site will not work. You will need to click this link and bookmark new: Link to new site HERE

There will be many wrinkles!  You might find something that isn't perfect.  Oh, who am I WILL find some things that aren't perfect.  Please rest assured for the next few months we will be ironing this out.  Please be patient with the wrinkles and only contact us about them if your computer bursts into flames when on our site. :)

You can now place an order and yes, club discounts are working.

Below is your first look at how Club Members will be earning Club Points! We LOVE this new benefit for Club Member and it  was the driving reason we worked so hard on this new site!

There will be LOTS of information in the days and weeks to come, so stay tuned!
*Club Points start as of 12/5/19.  We are sorry,  but we are unable to offer points for past purchases, referrals, etc.

Happy Stamping!