Sunday, December 15, 2019

New Website! Read This Info and FAQ's

New Website Information!
The new website is LIVE!
PLEASE use this link HERE

*Delete your old bookmarks (they will no longer work)

*Use the above link and create a new bookmark

If you get error messages please return to this email and use this link again. 

We realize there are bugs and we are working on them. In fact our whole team is dedicated to making everything right for you but it will take some time. Thank you for your patience!

We are overwhelmed with emails and messages and we are working through those.


Login/Site FAQ's

Website won't accept my password: Please click the link that says "Forgot Password" and it will email you a link to reset it.  If you do not get the email.  Please check your spam folder. 

My wish list isn't there anymore: Wish lists will need to be recreated. Sorry for this unforeseen inconvenience. Good news is you'll most likely find new items you like.  ;)

Club FAQ's

Once logged in, Club Members should see two icons.  One saying if you are a Club Member or a Gold Member.  The other icon will tell you your discount.

IF you are on a mobile device like a phone or iPad, these icons will ONLY show on the videos page.

IF you are missing an icon OR the discount is incorrect, please contact us through our website.

Trying to update your club membership?  We are working on this bug.  It will be a few days.  Please give us a few days to fix this issue.

PLEASE check your address on file.  Some addresses did not transfer correctly (if you changed your info in the last 6-9 months).

Points FAQ's

See chart below for how points are earned

Points are for Club Members Only

Points will be added to your account AFTER the order is processed and shipped.  Please allow up to two weeks for them to show in your account.

If you leave the club you lose your points.

Please, I beg, you, do not email us regarding broken links, loading slow, etc.  Please email us if you are not getting the correct discount.  Please email us if your computer bursts into flames because of our website. ;)

Thank you so much for your love, support and patience!!!!

Here's what I posted on our Facebook Fan Page:

It is Time! I am happy to announce it is ok to check out the new site! HOWEVER...PLEASE READ THIS FIRST:

Your old bookmark to the site will not work. You will need to click this link and bookmark new: HERE

There will be many wrinkles! You might find something that isn't perfect. Oh, who am I WILL find some things that aren't perfect. Please rest assured for the next few months we will be ironing this out. Please be patient with the wrinkles and only contact us about them if your computer bursts into flames when on our site. 

You can now place an order and yes, club discounts are working. 

Please be kind. This new site took THREE YEARS and THREE different web developer companies to make happen. As you know, I'm always honest.....over the three years, we have spent six figures on this site. I have learned patience, I've learned to cut down on my bad words, I've learned some people will steal your money (website company #2), I've learned some people will move out of the country to not pay USA taxes (website company #1), and I've learned there are dishonest people out there. Through it all, my web designer (different than web developers), Amie has stuck by us, cried with us and persevered. Without her honesty, kindness, work ethic, friendship, determination, none of this would be happening. Amie, I love you and I thank you. When we are both in Heaven, I look forward to sitting down and spending some quality time with you! Now go enjoy your vacation! 

Haha....this sounds like an acceptance speech. 

To all our 'Fans', Club Members, customers and stalkers (haha), thanks for your patience and support. This last year has been a struggle emotionally, spiritually and financially. But as we know, GOD is Great and has blessed us time and time again. TWINS!!! With Him, anything is possible. I rest in Him, knowing that He is for me.

I love you all. Thank you so much for your LOVE , support and prayers. Ok, Ok, go check out the site. Here's the SECURE link: HERE