Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beautiful Florida

I love Florida. I mean 'really' love it. I'd live there if I could. My hubby always brings up hurricanes and humidity when I mention Florida. He's such a stinker! :)

Here's a recent picture of my last trip (last week!)

I wish I could share why I was there, but good things come to those who wait. {grin}

Christmas is almost here, and I think I'm ready! Woo Hoo! I need to get Ken a few small items, but other than that, I'm done!

Now I get to bake and decorate. I make chocolate pretzels every year. Everyone seems to love them. I can't eat chocolate, but I wish I could! (I get migranes big time when I eat chocolate).

If I don't hop on here before Christmas, Merry Christmas!



Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My New Friends

Although we live in a "city" we often have little visitors. We've seen bunnies, skunks, coyotes, chipmunks and now....racoons in our backyard. We looked up one night and looking back at us were FIVE of these adorable little creatures! We were so excited! I ran and got the cat food to feed them. Ken wouldn't let me open the door until they were almost gone, but as soon as they heard me throw out the food to them, they came running back! What a thrill it was to watch them pick up the food and eat it! Once it was gone, they started scratching at our french doors wanting more. We would put our hands on the glass and they would put their paws over our hands. (If Ken wouldn't of been home, I would of opened the door to touch them for real!) I wish I could of recorded our 'ohhs' and 'ahhs'. We were so excited! Once they started to retreat again, I threw out more food.

The next day, I realized that feeding my new friends our cat food was a little too expensive. (The cats get the expensive food!) So, I went to WalMart and bought the cheap cat food. I had no idea how cheap cat food could be! Our cats are SPOILED. That night, my new friends were back, as hungry as before. JOY! Pure joy.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Giving Thanks

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Ken cooked almost the entire meal...turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, rolls...yummy! The girls really got into it this year and were great helpers. Kirstin made the green bean casserole and helped with the gravy (with Grandpa Ron's help) and Katie cut up the green beans. Hmmmm. Whose idea was it to give Katie a sharp knife? (not mine!) :)

We had thirteen for dinner. My parents, brother, my Grandpa, his wife, my Aunt, Ken's Dad, Ken's Grandpa and Ken's Brother. I love to get together with family!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


What a sad, sad Halloween this is. My kids are too old to dress-up, or at least they THINK they are too old. Then, the day before Halloween, Kirstin decided to be a red Skittle. Her idea was to paint a white S on a red t-shirt. Boom, done!

I'm sad to think of the photos I'm missing out on! Who said these kids could grow up?!?

We are going to a church sponsored Harvest Festival tonight. I'm really hoping to get some photos. They are supposed to have rides, a rock wall, carvival games and lots of candy. ;)

Care Bear Fever

Katie has been in love with Care Bears for almost two full years. It all started when Grandpa Ron won two at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas in 2004. Katie was so thrilled, the next day, the two of them went back to win the other two bears (colors) they didn't get the day before. So, really, this obsession is all Grandpa's fault! {grin}.

In 2005, we were at the LA County Fair and Ken and Grandpa won Katie two "Fair Care Bears". Katie knows they aren't 'real' Care Bears, but that's just not that important to a nine year old! :) Of course, these two bears are HUGE. Here's a photo of Katie with one of them.

And then, this year, Grandpa took her back to the fair and won the other two HUGE bears she didn't have. Grandpa, I'm starting to see a pattern here! :)

Well, two years later, she has well over 60 (I've stopped asking how many she has!). Large, small, big and tall...she has them all! :) She was packing for a sleepover and this is what she brought downstairs. Her pillowcase full of Care Bears! She was only going for one night! (Yes, there is one bear in the mix that isn't a Care Bear....it's a bear I gave her years ago back when CHA was HIA and was in Anaheim....I made the t-shirt at the trade show and they handed out the bears free. Blueberry is a loved teddy).

So, what does Katie say to me when I look at her in disbelief?

"I had to let the Care Bears I
was bringing....invite a friend."

It's just that simple. She was going to bring just a few, but they needed to invite a friend. What a kid. ;)

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The First Day of School

Today is the first day of school! Last night was a nightmare...Katie went to bed at 8:30, read until 8:45 and then she couldn't fall asleep...9:00...9:30...10:00...10:30...finally at 10:30, I halved a Tylenol PM and made her chew it with water. She finally fell asleep, (in my bed!) at 11:10. She tossed and turned all night!

Kirstin ended up with a Tylenol PM at 10:30 as well. I guess the anxiety of today was just eating at both of them!

I woke Katie up at 6:40...poor kid was so tired. (Hopefully she will sleep well tonight.)

We straightened their hair last night with the straight iron. Katie's turned out so cute! Kirstin's did too, but she insisted on wearing some of it in a barrette.

Kirstin is all into the 'name brand' clothes, so she is wearing A&F jeans, Vans shoes and then the (oh so lovely...not!) Pop Tarts shirt. (I begged her not to wear it...oh well!)

Katie is wearing her new Vans shoes, an A&F top, lace leggings (Limited Too) and a cute denim skirt.

Fashion on the first day is oh, so important! ;)

I love this photo of Katie. She looks like she is glowing! I wish her hair always looked like this! (We have tried straighting it chemically twice...and no luck!)

My girls are growing up! I need to Photoshop this photo a little, (get rid of the lock in the background and the light switch) but I wanted to post it. I can't believe how tall KJ is getting. She is going to pass me up soon! Katie is still my little midgy. ;)

Kirstin is all into the 'skinny' jeans...I'm not...yet.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

New Bio Photo?

Kirstin saw this photo of me on my camera and thinks it would be a great bio photo...I'm not sure yet...we'll see!

Why a Blog?!?

I can't believe I now have a blog. Why on earth do I even need/want one? Well, my buddy Johanna pretty much forced me. ;)

An online diary, for my kids...well, yeah, ok. Whatever! :)