Saturday, June 30, 2007

Quick Trip

I made a QUICK trip to Utah...I left Thursday and came home on Friday. It took 10 hours to get there and then 10 hours to get home! (No direct flights!)

So, I was there for about 25 hours...crazy! I went to meet....{whoops! It's a secret...} for lunch on Friday. All the travel was well worth it...but today I feel a little loopy... :)

I can tell you about my dinner on Thursday night. I got to go out with a dear friend that lives in Utah. Jen and I have known eachother for wow....what is it Jen? At least eight years, right? Anyway, she met me at my hotel and we went to dinner at the best restaurant in the whole wide world....Olive Garden. Yum!

Anyway, it was great to catch up, share stories and more. Jen even brought some projects she created using some of my stamps. I was amazed at what she did with them. [I love seeing what others create with my designs!]

Here's a picture of us....[thanks to a self-timer!]

While I was in Utah, I needed a rental car to get where I had to be....of course I reserved the cheapest one {The boss will be so proud!} and instead, they upgraded me f-r-e-e to this little baby....

Now, it might not look that small, but it is next to a normal sized car. Whoa! This baby was FAST! I was driving along and looked down only to see I was already past 80! Whoops. :) My luggage barely fit in the trunk/back. {I don't think it really had a 'trunk'}

I'm happy to be home, but I wish I could share what I was up to. ;) New reveal date will be July 12th. So far, the people that know the news (yes, they had to sign papers promising not to spill the beans!) have been VERY enthusiastic and encouraging. It's so exciting!

Big hugs,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ahhh...It's been awhile!

Hello Friends!

I wish I could report I've been on vacation in a far away land; however, I would only be kidding if I said that! Instead, I've been B-U-S-Y! The good kind of busy. Work is really heating up...we are almost ready! July is the month. I'm so excited to share everything we have been up to. ;)

Meanwhile, here's some things I can share......

My Katie turned 10. Wow. It should be against the law for kids to grow up! Here's a recent photo...this is what happens when you give Katie her own cake....
She begged me to let her put her face in the cake. I mean begged! It was like she was just itching to do it! This kid! :)
Then, my third baby (ok, my best friends little one that is really my Goddaughter) turned five. Yikes. Stop growing up! {stamp foot!} :)
I can't believe how time flies. Isn't she adorable? Happy Birthday Daely Bear!
Daely is so cute. Whenever I get her picture published (or when it was on QVC) she tells everyone how famous she is. :) {Mommy, I'm famous 'cause I'm on tv!}

Last Saturday I was at CKU in Anaheim (nice and close to home!) Epson needed a few extra hands so I was eager to jump in and help. I haven't been to a CKU in so long, it felt so wonderful to be among so much creativity! We helped Jessica Sprague with her classes...what a sweetie she is ! Here's a photo of Me, Jessica and Katye. It's funny, I don't think of myself as a Digital Scrapbooker, but I'm finding I do more and more on the 'puter. I guess I'm officially a hybrid scrapper. ;)
So, that's what I've been up week I'm off to Utah for a secret mission. Don't worry, soon all the secrets can be told!
Big hugs!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just {me}

I love:
Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper if that's not available, then it's Diet Coke. (NOT Diet Pepsi!)
Splenda (yes, I'm an addict...just ask anyone!)
Long Haired Cats with no brains
The Beach (I live four miles from the ocean in CA...and I love St. Pete Beach in FL)
Cheerleaders (I have two in my house...and I have the bills to prove it!)
Sharing clothes with my 14 year old (she has some great stuff!)
Disneyland and Disneyworld

I dislike: (can't say hate...that's a bad word)
Being cold (I'm always cold!)
Running out of DCVDP and not having any more in the fridge (just happened...)
Getting up early
Sleeping on cement
Neighbor's dogs that NEVER stop barking (poor puppies!)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Random Thoughts

Life's been crazy lately, but I wanted to add a few thoughts....

Random Thought #1
When the Girl Scouts ask you to supervise an overnight at Sea World, RUN!!! As fast as you can, run away! {grin}
I'm just kidding. The girls and I spent the night with Katie's Girl Scout Troop on the cement floor in the Wild Arctic...watching Beluga Whales swimming and playing right before our eyes. It was an incredible night. Cement floor, 55 degrees, limited bathrooms, no showers and 24 little girls....all in all, it was wonderful...but I was exhausted the next day!

Here's my favorite photo...

We really did have a good time. Although, Kirstin offered to pay me not to make her go next year. {grin!} You know teenagers and their need to sleep in! ;)

Random Thought #2

My baby is turning 10 this week. I can't believe ten years ago she was born! Wow, time flies. She found out one of her friends couldn't make it to her party this Saturday due to some relatives coming into town. Her response? (To the child's mother!).... "Dump the relatives!" Ahhh, Katie. :) You are always good for a laugh.

Random Thought #3

I was at UCLA this morning. Had to leave the house at 5:30 am. Kirstin had an appointment at the UCLA Pediatric Pain Clinic. Her headache is still here...more than 90 days after it started. Not one day has gone by without pain. We are now trying a new medication combo. Poor kid. They have referred us to three more specialists. So far, we have seen ELEVEN doctors/specialists. We have an appointment with another one on Monday. Life isn't what it was around here. I hate to many people are going through so much more, but it's still rough. {Prayers are always welcome....}

Random Thought #4

I can't end today's post with a downer. It's just not my style. So, here are five things I am thankful for:

1. Kirstin made the JV Cheer team (despite the headache!) at her future high school (that has 3,000 students!)

2. This month, I'll celebrate my 17th wedding anniversary. I'm so blessed to say I married my best friend.

3. We recently had professional photos taken of our family. I can't wait to see the proofs! We haven't done photos as a family in so long!

4. I just went in to kiss my fourteen year old...and we giggled together. We started tickling each other and we laughed and teased each other. I'm thankful for the bright moments, when for a few seconds, she forgets the pain and is able to smile.

5. My Dad went with us to UCLA today. What a blessing he is. He drops everything to help us in any way he can. He is such a trooper! I can call him and say I need to go to Utah, can you watch the girls? And he immediately clears his schedule. Dad....thanks.