Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello, My Friends,


I'm flying home from Hawaii with my daughter, Katie.  We will land at the LAX airport around 11:30pm. 

Today is a good day.  It will mean the end of a four week whirlwind of travel. 

In four weeks, I've been to Chicago, Philadelphia, Nashville and Hawaii (and home to CA between each trip!).

The last four weeks I've been on 11 planes. 
The last four weeks I've slept in four hotels.
The last four weeks I've been home only nine days.

I now have FOUR WEEKS off from travel. 

I'll be honest, it's hard to be away so much.  However, I have had a BLAST!  I've met so many incredible people!  I've introduced so many people to stamping and die cutting and to my favorite machine, the eclips!

It will be nice to be home for a few weeks, but I know after about two weeks, I'll start itching.  I'll start getting restless.  I won't feel, 'right'.  I'll then realize it's because I've been in the same spot too long.  I'll start thinking about the next trip.  And then I'll realize....the next trip is a big one.

I mean, a really big one.

I'll be traveling to South Africa!

I'll be teaching for Sizzix....(and stamping, too!)

I feel so blessed to be able to travel and teach. 

I feel so blessed when I get to meet people at events that have watched my videos, or used my stamps or used my products. 

I feel so blessed that I have a company that I run the way I feel a company should be ran. 

I'll be honest, I thank God everyday for my Club Members, my customers and the friends I've met. my birthday and I feel so incredibly blessed.