Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm Home!

Hello, My Friends!

I'm home!  Well, for a few days, anyway!  ;)  My youngest daughter and I spent five days in beautiful Puerto Rico!  We had a lovely time, I taught Sizzix Classes for two days and the rest of the time we played!  :)  I don't often take time off (I really love to work!) so it was a blast!

We went to the beach, the pool, Old San Juan, El Morro.....AND......we went snorkeling on Culebra Island and I got to see Sea Turtles!  It was amazing!  If you want to see all the photos from my Sea Adventure, you can check out the Culebra Island Adventures Facebook Page  I'm wearing the pink tank top and black/pink/white bathing suit.  ;)  If you ever are in the area, I highly recommend this company!

Here are a few photos.....

Ha ha, yep, that's ME!  :)

I know I look like a total dork, but when you are having this much fun, you don't care!  ;)

Katie didn't care too much for the snorkeling (she refused to put her face in the water!)  grrr...but, she still had fun.

We kayaked for about 20 minutes...haha...THAT was funny to see two girls that have never kayaked before try to keep us will all the guys in the other kayaks in our tour.  ;)

My kids can't believe I held this...thing!

Seeing this photo, I realize what a dream this adventure was.  I love Sea Turtles!
We kayaked around the land behind Katie to snorkel!

Flamenco of the top beaches in the world.

It was truly an amazing trip....although, we flew to this little island, the plane only held nine people!  I still can't believe I got on the plane!

We sat right behind the pilot! 

Puerto Rico from the air.

This was my air vent.  It's about the size of the palm of my hand.  It was weird to have wind blowing on me in the air.

 Thanks for sharing this adventure with me.  It has always been a dream of mine to swim with sea turtles.  :)

Now, back to work!  :)  I worked all day yesterday designing new cards for future classes and worked on a few stamp set ideas.  I am picking up some new die samples from Sizzix today that I can't wait until we get in stock!  You will love them!  :)

We leave in one week for the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Las Vegas!  We hope to see you there!

Since I've shared my dream trip with you, what is your dream trip that you'd like to take or have taken?  I need to add a new dream trip to my list, so I'd love your ideas!  Leave a comment on this blog post and share with me!  :)

Happy Stamping!